Cracked Wheel Repair

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There are a number of factors that can result in bent, cracked, and blemished wheels. Potholes are the most notorious offender, but cracked wheels can also be caused by driving over a curb, inadvertently hitting an object in the road, or driving on a tire that is not properly inflated or too low profile for the road conditions. Over time, a crack can worsen, possibly even causing a tire blowout.

If you’ve recently noticed new vibrations in your steering wheel, sounds coming from the direction of your wheel, or your tires are not maintaining pressure you may have a cracked wheel.

welding a wheel

Cracked wheels can
Be dangerous.

Rim Renew got it’s start repairing cracked wheels! Let our specialists check and repair your wheel damage before it gets worse and possibly causes a dangerous blown tire.

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Need a rim repair, or looking to have a set of wheels custom powder-coated? Just fill out our contact form, upload a photo of your damaged wheel(s) or rims you want to customize, and we’ll give you a shout back within 24-48 hours with a free estimate.

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