Rim Repair FAQ

Here are some common
frequently Asked questions

The cost of wheel repair can vary from $75 to $200 depending on the type of damage, its severity and the type of wheel. Additional services, such as needing tire removal and remounting necessary to complete the repair, may impact the final price. Please contact us to get an estimate on your repair.

Rim Renew can mount and balance a replacement tire on your rim after the repairs have been made. We offer competitive pricing on all tires. Please let us know if you need a tire so we can be sure our mobile workshop brings you the exact tire you need.

Virtually all damaged rims can be repaired. However, since we are committed to saving you time and money, if the damage is so severe that it would be less expensive to replace your wheel with one of our replacement factory OEM wheels — we will let you know this up front.

We can straighten most bends and weld most cracks in chrome wheels. Nominal damage to your chrome wheels can be repaired on-site by one of skilled team members. While we can fix most chrome wheel damage, we can’t re-chrome them as this is a special plating process that will need to be done by a re-chroming specialist. Please visit www.wesden.com for your re-chroming needs.

It’s easy when you can see the bend or the crack in your rim. But since many bends and cracks are not visible to the human eye, here are some telltale warning signs to look out for: A wobble in your steering wheel, a feeling like one or more wheels is not balanced, a tire that always losing air or constantly flat.

Powder coating is a polymer resin base, combined with pigments, flow modifiers, and additives that are electrostatically applied to the wheel. One or more electrodes on the front of the powder gun charge the powder to 60 – 100 kV when sprayed. An electric field is created between the powder gun and the grounded wheel. The powder particles follow these field lines and remain adhered to the wheel, due to their residual charge. The processed wheels are then baked in a curing oven, where the organic powder is melted to a smooth film at 160 – 210° C (320 – 410° F) and then hardened.

Powder-coating differs from painting in several ways. The most important difference is that powder-coating is much more durable than paint. Additionally, powder-coating delivers a high-quality, durable finish that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Most powder-coat products are free of potentially harmful chemical solvents and release few or no volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.

Some repairs can take about an hour to complete, while other repairs are more comprehensive. The damage to your wheels and the type of finish on your wheels may impact the time it takes to complete the wheel repair. Our highly skilled team will give you an estimate before the repair process starts.

Rim Renew can currently only repair cosmetic damage to motorcycle and medium and heavy duty truck wheels.

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